School System and Depatment

Life Care / Humanistic Cultivation / Sustainable Lifelong Learning

 Founded in 1964 and Located in Da-Li District, Tai-chung City, Ta-Ming Senior High School has established itself as a successful private educational institute, currently comprising departments of Junior-, Senior-, and Vocational Senior- (including Advertising Design, Creative Arts, Multi-media Design, Hospitality Management, Tourism Industry, Applied Foreign Language, Data Processing, Computer Science, and Vehicle Maintenance departments).

 Firmly based on the idea of general development of five ethics - morality, intelligence, physical fitness, team spirit, and aesthetics, Dai-Ming Senior High School has been working its best to educate students about hard-working, discipline, morality, and honor, assuring that they will be good citizens.

 Ta-Ming High School has always emphasized on diversity, and has constantly stressed on that all students must attain multiple abilities before graduation, and therefore has valued the acquisition of foreign language and information technology very much, thus has organized as many overseas language tours as possible , so as to sharpen students’ language abilities by way of frequent encounters.

 In recent years, our students participating in various competitions have got great accomplishments. They have also achieved greatly in preserving our culture. Folklores such as dragon dancing and puppet playing have helped our students become more contributive towards culture preservation.

4 Ideals from Principal

◆Student First
◆Education Professionalism
◆Administration Efficiency
◆Parents’ Participation

Management Points

◆ Building cordial and harmonious learning environment.
◆ Establishing a virtuous learning environment.
◆ Connecting with specialties to develop our own characteristic classes.
◆ To cultivate students to develop themselves based on their potential.
◆ To establish strategic alliances with organizations to improve and reward the neighborhoods.


◆ To keep Ta-Ming safe for everyone.
◆ To introduce students to local and international artists.
◆ To keep Ta-Ming’s facilities modern and up-to-date with new technology.
◆ To provide students with exciting and stimulating materials and teaching methods.
◆ To make Ta-Ming sustainable for future generations.

Ten Characteristics of Ta-Ming Educational Development

1. To improve students’ information abilities.
2. To enhance students’ Mandarin.
3. To advocate native language learning.
4. To inspire scientific thinking.
5. To develop English teaching.
6. To expand artistic comprehension.
7. To develop self-learning pattern.
8. To encourage leisure sports.
9. To organize high-quality lifetime.
10. To strengthen lifetime learning motivation.


No.210, Sec. 3, Xinren Rd., Dali District, Taichung City 412, Taiwan (ROC).
TEL: +886-4-2482-1027 fAX: +886-4-2481-5410